2009 – luglio – Un gommone a Piazzale Michelangelo

Niger – Migrants

Niger – Turawet Oasis, c.100 km from Agadez. The convoy’s first stop. Turawet is a small village with about 200 inhabitants in the Air, where there is a military outpost. Every 2-3 weeks between 3000 and 4000 people on their way to the oasis of Dirkou arrive in Turawet. The migrants do not get off the trucks, but spend the night guarding their luggage from potential thieves. Some of them celebrate their success in setting off, and the villagers quickly improvise a few makeshift set-ups where food can be bought. 100 km further on the convoy will be abandoned by the soldiers, and each truck will travel onwards independently. 4 goods trucks were assaulted by bandits just a matter of minutes after this photograph was taken. The convoy of 6th April counted about 47 trucks, of which at least 25 carried an average of 130-150 migrants; once in Dirkou they will attempt to continue the journey to Lybia.

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